The first and best lesson I learnt when I began my career was that "Everyone deserves a good education". Many families and potential students apply to MES Cairo every year and everyone is shown equal and fair consideration. It would not be possible, unfortunately, to accept everyone who applies. We make every attempt to ensure that the application procedures are as pleasant an experience and as an efficient a process as possible. To that end, it has become necessary to place clear and transparent priorities with regards to application considerations. We have provided them for you below in the  hope that it clarifies our procedures further. Our best advice is to apply as early as possible. Please note the date of our annual OPEN DAY event is in November of every year. You will find it to be a helpful and integral part of our Early Years Admission process. Thank you for considering joining our MES Cairo family. Along with our truly excellent Student Affairs and Admission Office staff, I look forward to personally welcoming you!
 Ghada Dajani
Managing Director  

First consideration is given to those students who already have siblings registered in the school. Second consideration is given to students who apply from schools which offer similar academic programmes or follow a similar academic syllabus. Third consideration is given to students with the most academic ability keeping in mind space availability and the date when the application was first processed. All other considerations may or may not play a major role in the admission process depending on the individual case. There exists academic scholarships yearly in the Modern English School Cairo. They were established in September 1999. The idea was initiated by Mrs. Sawsan Dajani, the Managing Director, and approved by the school Board of Directors.
The scholarships are given to the students (one each from the British section, IB Diploma section and the American section) who :

Application Form

  • Have an excellent record of consistent academic achievement
  • Have enrolled in the appropriate final year
  • Can show evidence of a commitment to MES Cairo school life: sports, drama, music, community work etc.
  • Have a record of exemplary behaviour and excellent relationships with staff and peers during their time at MES Cairo
  • Have a record of near perfect attendance especially at the approach to external examinations

All in all, the scholarship goes to a student who would be the best ambassador for MES Cairo.


Successful Scholarship winners for this year 2018-2019 are:

Khaled Sadek - American Section  
Khaled Megahed - IBDP Section  
Mira Anis - British Section  
Laila Mohamed Walid Gamaleldin – American Section Computer Science, Brown University
Lana Elseesi – IBDP Section Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto
Aisha Mohamed Monir Morsy – British Section Law, London School of Economics
Salma Samir Wafa – British Section Imperial College London, England
Mahmoud Mohamed El Shabba – IBDP Section American University, Cairo
Malak Alaa Arafa – American Section Chicago University, USA
Salma Farouk – British Section London School of Economics, England
Nour Bahaa – IBDP Section University of Warwick, England
Carol Emil Botros – American Section American University, Cairo
Nader Nabil Raafat - British Section   Oxford University, England
Mohey El Din Tarek  - IB DP Section  Imperial College London, England
Mahira Ahmed - American Section UC Berkeley, USA
Sameh Massoud - British Section Imperial College-UK
Nourjahan Khafaga - IB DP Section Saint Andrews-Scotland
Engi Enan- American Section NYU,New York University
Ahmed Yehia Hafez - British Section AUC-Engineering
Lyla Hussein Atta - IB DP Section MIT Boston
Alia Bassem Zaki - American Section Georgetown University SFS – Qatar  
Ahmed Gehad Abdel Wahid - British Section Lancaster University
Menatallah Ashraf Raafat Zeid - IB DP Section

6 October University-Medicine

Moataz Mohy-El-Din El Sherbini - American Section Cairo University
Previous recipients of the award were:
Mostafa Essam Saad AUC
Hania Hesham El Banhawy McGill University, Canada
Dina Ashraf Bebars AUC

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 18th September 2018
Year 2 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Tuesday 18th September 2018
Year 6 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Tuesday 18th September 2018
Year 7 Global Perspectives Impact Day

Wednesday 19th September 2018
Year 1 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Wednesday 19th September 2018
Year 5 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Wednesday 19th September 2018
Primary Pioneers Information Session for Parents

Wednesday 19th September 2018
Grade 7/Grade 8 Skill Building Trip

Wednesday 19th September 2018
Year/Grade/IBDP11-12 University Assembly with Parents – 2.00pm

Thursday 20th September 2018
Year 4 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Thursday 20th September 2018
Grade 9 Transition Event

Thursday 20th September 2018
Last Day for all Secondary Option Changes

Sunday 23rd September 2018
FS2 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Sunday 23rd September 2018
Year 3 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Sunday 23rd September 2018 to Wednesday 3rd October 2018
IEP Reviews

Sunday 23rd September 2018 to Thursday 4th October 2018
Year 7-9 Individual Transition Meetings

Monday 24th September 2018
FS1 Parents’ Meet and Greet

Monday 24th September 2018
Grade 9 Back to School Event - 3.00-5.00pm

Wednesday 26th September 2018
Grade 7 Back to School Event - 3.00-5.00pm

Wednesday 26th September 2018
G/Y/DP12 Uni Assembly

Friday 28th September 2018
IA Bronze Practice Walk

Saturday 29th September 2018
Secondary Pioneers Trip

Sunday 30th September 2018
T1 ASAs Begin

Sunday 30th September 2018
Grade 8 Back to School Event - 3.00-5.00pm