American High School Program


American Program

Caring, Challenging, and Inspiring – MES Cairo is committed to excellence in education. The core business of Modern English School Cairo American Section program is fostering an environment where all students are given an opportunity to learn in a highly engaging learning environment that values individual growth, daily success, and positive relationships.

The purpose of the American High School Diploma Program at Modern English School Cairo is to prepare students to continue their education at university level and to become thoughtful, creative, caring and healthy individuals. To this end, the American Program offers a rigorous academic curriculum that also fosters artistic appreciation and expression. We endeavour to build a community of learners who respect each other while establishing a strong bond between teacher and student. Deeply rooted in the American Secondary Program is the belief that there are really two parts to the journey to Graduation. The Middle School program consists of a two year program for Grades Seven and Eight. The High School Program consists of Grades Nine through Twelve.

Middle School Program of Studies 2015-2016

The Middle School consists of Grades Seven and Eight where teachers who are specialists with this developmental age group instruct using a team approach, making connections across educational disciplines. During the Middle School years, students are prepared for the real-world by connecting to a 21st century curriculum that provides support for the unique intellectual, emotional, and social needs of the middle school student. Students engage in experiential learning and take part in a veritable assortment of electives in the areas of fine and performing arts, computer technologies, world languages, health, and physical fitness to educate the whole child. Students are encouraged to take risks and endeavor in areas they might not have experienced before. This enables these adolescents to experience a wide array of opportunities prior to deciding their educational path to university.

Successful Transition to High School

In the American program, we begin this transition phase of planning at the end of the 8th Grade through Grade 12 by providing an individual counseling session with students in which we complete an Individual Graduation Plan that will form the basis for all course selections. The IGP advisor and Deans of Students will work to help each child have a full and rich high school experience. The idea of what do I need to graduate and receive my diploma is not the intent of the meetings. How much can I learn and how many classes I can take to help me achieve my goals and dreams is the spirit behind each IGP conference. It is true that we live in an ever-changing world. Many students may one day have a career that has yet to be created. Therefore, the purpose of discussion student interests in majors is NOT to plan your entire future at the end of the 8th Grade year. Our purpose IS to help you plan and prepare for your first venture into a career path that harnesses each person’s interests and passions.


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