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 Digital Citizenship Week – 22-26 October 2017

During the week of 22-26 October, MES Cairo will host our own Digital Citizenship Week exploring online safety, the wise use of technology and how to protect your personal information.

Secondary students will have the opportunity this week to be involved in some of the following activities:

• Focusing on their Digital footprint, cyber-bullying and being a digital upstander
• Staying safe online
• Copyright and the fair use of information on the net
• Creation of a Cyber bullying film or presentation to share with our younger
• Creating their own their own Digital Citizen Pledge
• Creating an advert to promote digital citizenship








Upcoming Events

Wednesday 12th December
Team Cougar Athletics Awards – 12.40-1.40pm

Thursday 13th December
All Secondary Term 1 Reports Issued

Monday 16th December Secondary
Student Progress Meetings – 8.30am-4.30pm

Tuesday 17th December
Secondary Student Progress Meetings – 3.00-6.00pm

Wednesday 19th December
All students depart at 1.10pm to allow for the Seasonal Concert at 1:30pm

Thursday 20th December
Last Day of Term One – Students depart at 1.10pm, Primary Reports Issued,

KS2 Primary Quiz/House Event, Y/G 7-9 House Assembly – 12.00-1.00pm