Science Lab

Science is an integral part of all schools and it is very popular here at MES Cairo. The Primary Department has a spacious Science Laboratory where students experiment practically to meet the demands of the National Curriculum of England.

MES Cairo is home to ten extremely well-resourced and fully equipped laboratories. To help facilitate the practical examinations and the day-to-day teaching and learning, the laboratories are serviced by a dedicated preparation room that is maintained by full-time, qualified science technicians.

Our fully qualified Physics, Chemistry and Biology specialist teachers ensure the best facilities have been made available for our students.


Upcoming Events

Primary Parent Meetings
Tuesday 17th January 2017 to Wednesday 18th January 2017

Y7 ToTAL Cairo Trip
Wednesday 18th January 2017 to Thursday 19th January 2017

FS1 N/E Assessments (22-24)
Sunday 22nd January 2017 to Tuesday 24th January 2017

G9-12 Exam Assembly 1:45-2:45
Sunday 22nd January 2017

Y5 Nile Cruise Info Session 2.45-3.30pm
Sunday 22nd January 2017

G7-8 Parent Assesmbly 1:45-2:45
Monday 23rd January 2017

Police Day
Wednesday 25th January 2017

Y10 CAT Testing
Thursday 26th January 2017

Y10-12 return to ttbl
Thursday 26th January 2017

IA Gold Practice Journey
Wednesday 25th January 2017 to Friday 27th January 2017

SAT Exams
Saturday 28th January 2017

WIRED Hack (29-2)
Sunday 29th January 2017

Y1-6 Writing Assessment 3 (29 Jan-2 Feb)
Sunday 29th January 2017

MidYear Exams (G9-12) (29 Jan-2 Feb)/ Y7-9 Assessment Week (29 Jan- 2 Feb)/ DP11 Assessment Fortnight (29 Jan-9 Feb)
Sunday 29th January 2017 to Tuesday 31st January 2017

Y3 Concert Rehearsal
Monday 30th January 2017

Y5 Nile Cruise
Monday 30th January 2017 to Tuesday 31st January 2017