Science Lab

Science is an integral part of all schools and it is very popular here at MES Cairo. The Primary Department has a spacious Science Laboratory where students experiment practically to meet the demands of the National Curriculum of England.

MES Cairo is home to ten extremely well-resourced and fully equipped laboratories. To help facilitate the practical examinations and the day-to-day teaching and learning, the laboratories are serviced by a dedicated preparation room that is maintained by full-time, qualified science technicians.

Our fully qualified Physics, Chemistry and Biology specialist teachers ensure the best facilities have been made available for our students.


Upcoming Events

FS1 Family Week (19-23)/ Cyprus Trip 3 (19-23)/ Excellence in Education Interviews (22-23)/ Y7 Trip (18-21)
Sunday 19th April 2015 to Thursday 23rd  April 2015

Y1 Production/Y/G9 IBDP Info Session / Sec. Earth Day
Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Track MEUC - Jordan (24-25)
Friday 24th April 2015

Sinai Liberation Day
Saturday 25th April 2015

Graduation Photo 9:00am
Sunday 26th April 2015

T3 ASAs Begin
Sunday 26th April 2015

Secondary T&L Week/ G7-9 MAP Tests (26-14)
Monday 27th April 2015 to Wednesday 29th April 2015

Primary Parents Evening 3:00-5:30
Tuesday 28th April 2015

Primary Parents Evening 3:00-5:30
Wednesday 29th April 2015

WIRED Inservice 9:00-2:50
Thursday 30th April 2015