Sports Facilities

Students from Foundation Stage One through to Grade, Year and IBDP12 enjoy daily the wide range of sports facilities at MES Cairo. At any moment during the day (and for a considerable time after the school day officially ends) you can see our PE teachers and coaches instructing the students:   

  • in the tournament size Sports Hall housing 3 full size basketball / badminton / volleyball pitches,
  • on the sizeable Sports field,
  • on the outdoor basketball/volleyball courts,
  • in one of the 3 multi-purpose halls,
  • in the two heated swimming pools,
  • on the extensive playgrounds,
  • on the Athletics track and
  • in the Dance Studio.
  • With such modern facilities on the MES Cairo campus, it is little wonder that our students enjoy the sporting opportunities on offer and are successful in so many international tournaments.

Upcoming Events

Y4 Workshop
Tuesday1st December 2015

US SOTM Celebration
Tuesday1st December 2015

Secondary Photos (29-3) / Primary Assessment Week (29-3)
Tuesday 1st December 2015 to Thursday 3rd December 2015

Y8 IGCSE Options Assembly 2:00-4:30
Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Y7-12/DP11-12 Reports
 Thursday 3rd December 2015

All ASAs Finish
Thursday 3rd December 2015

FS1 Interviews (6-8)
Sunday 6th December 2015 to Tuesday 8th December 2015

Y6 Workshop
Sunday 6th December 2015

Secondary Parents Meeting 9:00 - 2:30
Monday 7th December 2015

Y/G7-8 Production 3:00pm
Monday 7th December 2015

Y/G7-8 Production 10:00am (for Primary Students)
Tuesday 8th December 2015

Y/G7-8 Production 3:00pm
Tuesday 8th December 2015

DP12 G4 Project Days (9-10)
Wednesday 9th December 2015 to Thursday 10th 2015

100 days probation period ends
Wednesday 9th December 2015

Y8/Y10/Y11 Deadline for options selction
Sunday 13th December 2015

Primary Tracking Meeting (13-17)/ WIRED Hack (13-17)
Sunday 13th December 2015 to Thursday 17th December 2015

Safe & Sound
Monday 14th December 2015

Seasonal Concert 2:00pm
Tuesday 15th December 2015

GQ import/ Verfications
Tuesday 15th December 2015

KS2 General Knowledge Quiz + Interhouse Sports 8:30-1:00 / US Honor Roll Lunch - MPH
Thursday 17th December 2015

Christmas Break
Friday 18th December to Sunday 3rd January 2016