“The highly effective and pro-active involvement of the board of governors in the strategic direction of the school" *"The senior leadership team who are highly effective in providing clear direction and moving the school forward. They are well supported by middle leaders” *“High teaching standards across the school” *“The quality of curriculum planning and implementation enabling all students to achieve well, exceeding English National and International Baccalaureate averages” *“The school is highly effective in enabling all students to develop their personal skills and qualities. Students are thoughtful, well behaved, treat others with respect and have well developed social skills.” *"Safeguarding of all students is a priority. It is under-pinned by excellent pastoral care and robust welfare, health and safety policy and procedures.” *“The whole school community, teaching, non-teaching, administration and ancillary staff work as a team to promote high quality learning and care for all students.” *“The school is held in high regard by the wider community and parents. Students are proud to be members of the school and value the opportunities it provides.”
‘British Schools Overseas’Inspection Report March 2016

Sports Facilities

Students from Foundation Stage One through to Grade, Year and IBDP12 enjoy daily the wide range of sports facilities at MES Cairo. At any moment during the day (and for a considerable time after the school day officially ends) you can see our PE teachers and coaches instructing the students:   

  • in the tournament size Sports Hall housing 3 full size basketball / badminton / volleyball pitches,
  • on the sizeable Sports field,
  • on the outdoor basketball/volleyball courts,
  • in one of the 3 multi-purpose halls,
  • in the two heated swimming pools,
  • on the extensive playgrounds,
  • on the Athletics track and
  • in the Dance Studio.
  • With such modern facilities on the MES Cairo campus, it is little wonder that our students enjoy the sporting opportunities on offer and are successful in so many international tournaments.

Upcoming Events

Graduation Photo
Sunday 29th May 2016

G6-9 MAP Tests (12-31)
Sunday 29th May 2016 to Tuesday 31st May 2016

Primary French Day
Monday 30th May 2016

Spring Choral Concert
Monday 30th May 2016

Art Exhibition - Opening
Tuesday 31st May 2016

Y2 Production
Wednesday 1st June 2016

Y6 to Y7 Induction Day
Wednesday 1st June 2016

Y7-9/DP11 EOY Exams (1-9)
Wednesday 1st June 2016 to Thursday 2nd June 2016

FS1 Induction Day
Thursday 2nd June 2016

Y6 to G7 Parent Orientation 12:00-2:30
Thursday 2nd June 2016

G7 Student Orientation
Sunday 5th June 2016

Primary Tracking (5-9)
Sunday 5th June 2016 to Tuesday 7th June 2016

Y7-9/DP11 EOY Exams (1-9)
Sunday 5th June 2016 to Thursday 9th June 2016

Y8 CAT Tests (8-9)
Wednesday 8th June 2016 to Thursday 9th June 2016

Primary Summer Fete
Thursday 9th June 2016

Pioneers Graduation Ceremony
Sunday 12th June 2016

Y5/Y8 Trading Game (12-13)
Sunday 12th June 2016 to Monday 13th June 2016

Study Leave G9-11 (12,13)
Sunday 12th June 2016 to Monday 13th June 2016

G9-11 Final Exams (14-19)
Tuesday 14th June to Wednesday 15th June 2016

G9-11 Final Exams (14-19)
Wednesday 15th June 2016

Ahmed Zwail Day
Thursday 16th June 2016

All ASAs end
Thursday 16th June 2016

IBDP Induction Experience (18-19)
Saturday 18th June 2016 to Sunday 19th June 2016

GQ import/ Verifications
Monday 20th June 2016

G9-11 Makeup Exams
Monday 20th June 2016

IEP EoY Review/Transition (19-23)
Monday 20th June 2016 to Thursday 23rd June 2016

Secondary Awards Ceremony
Tuesday 21st June 2016

Graduation Rehearsal
Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Graduation Ceremony
Thursday 23rd June 2016

Last Day of School for Students
Thursday 23rd June 2016

All Reports issued
Monday 27th June 2016

Parents Day
Tuesday 28th June 2016

Last Day for Staff
Tuesday 28th June 2016