Chairman of the Board’s Message

Welcome to our official website

Our school community consists of thousands who have lived, learnt, taught, worked and grown together over the years and have formed a special familial bond that is both unique and resilient. It has flourished and grown into something that encompasses connections over time, distance and generations.

Together we have overcome enormous challenges and I am certain that we will thrive and move forward and upward with continued integrity and success in the years to come.

Many years ago, before we initiated and published our website, I took a picture with two sweet sisters who were still barely 9 and 10 years old. It was taken and published in our brochure publication at the time and I had it framed and placed in my office. When it came time to update my website foreword I reached out to these young women to take the same picture again. What a pleasure it was to see them again and I couldn’t have been prouder of them and their accomplishments.

They are a perfect example of our students who come to school every morning, then and now, with smiles on their faces and an honest excitement to face the day. The amazing energy they emit is what sets the tone for us all.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website which is a living, ever-changing representation of the thriving and challenging school that is the Modern English School Cairo. It is with great honour and pride that I encourage you to visit our campus and to see for yourself the magic that occurs every day within our gates.

Sawsan L Dajani
Chairman of the Board
I vividly remember both my first and last days at MES Cairo – the common attribute between both days was the incessant crying; crying because the inherent curse of growing up was forcing me to leave my comfort zone and move on. As a three and a half year-old child, my comfort zone was essentially my mother. But fourteen years later, my comfort zone became the place I spent most of each day in. MES Cairo taught me to build my thoughts, challenge my norms and have confidence in my ability to excel academically and personally. MES Cairo is more than just the school I learned in, it was… and still is… a home. I am proud to say I was taught by the best.

Fadila Nour-El-Din
Class of 2009


MES Cairo is where I spent the best 11 years of my life. I never consciously realised how proud I always am to say that I graduated from here. Beyond being an exceptional academic facility and one of the first to provide top calibre education, MES Cairo is my home. The feeling of warmth, pride and happiness that I felt when I stepped into my school, my home, reminded of all that. I'm a proud MES Cairo alumnus and I can only count the days until I'm a proud mother of an MES Cairo alumnus.

Habiba Nour-El-Din
Class of 2011