Music Facilities

Music is considered an essential, high-profile ingredient of MES Cairo's broad and balanced curriculum.

All students are taught by specialist teachers in eleven designated music rooms which can cater for music/movement, full scale choirs, practical music making and solo instrumental practice in our sound-proofed music rooms.

Over 300 lessons are taught weekly by peripatetic visiting instrument teachers. Students can choose to learn one or two of the following: piano, voice, flute, percussion, guitar, drum kit, violin or bass guitar.

Students of all ages enjoy music at MES Cairo and can opt to study music at GCSE level. Music is also an option for IBDP students and Band / Choir are offered as electives in the American High School programme.

Peripatetic Music

Information for Parents :

Why should your child learn a musical instrument?

  • It will broaden their educational horizons.

  • It will increase their self-confidence, self-motivation and self-discipline.

  • It will improve their social interaction.

  • They will have the opportunity to play as part of an ensemble once they reach the appropriate standard (eg. Orchestra, Jazz Band, Wind Orchestra etc.)

  • It allows them to gain extra qualifications.

  • And above all it is FUN and ENJOYABLE.

The American Music Conference states that, 'students who participate in arts education courses score higher on SAT's (in ALL areas of the curriculum) than those who do not. The improvement continues to be more pronounced with increased years of participation'. This statement is based on comparing SAT scores in the USA from students who have a high involvement in the Arts with those who have a low involvement.

What instruments will your child be able to learn?

  • Strings: violin, guitar, bass guitar, piano, electric guitar

  • Woodwind: recorder, flute

  • Percussion: drum kit, oriental percussion , percussion

  • Voice

It is recommended that an instrument is chosen with advice and discussion from the music coordinator as some instruments are more suitable for different ages and different children.

Parents will be required to pay for a whole term's worth of lessons, but please remember that this is an ongoing scheme. Children cannot be expected to be able to play an instrument well in just one term! As each term is a different length the price will vary accordingly from term to term. Please see attached price list for details of prices for the next term of lessons.

Your child will be taught by the highest quality professional musicians from around Cairo on our bases class. Please note that the prices stated are highly competitive among international schools in Cairo.

When will your child be taught?

The students will be brought out of their normal curriculum time for a maximum of 40 mins per week (sometimes their lesson may fall in a break time or after school, providing the student is available). Requests can be made as to which lessons you wish or do not wish your child to miss. Otherwise the students will be brought out of lessons at a different time each week so as to cause minimum disruption to their normal school day. Bringing your child out of an academic lesson for a music lesson IS NOT harmful to students' academic growth. In fact 'students who take part in an instrumental programme appear to have as good or better academic growth in Reading and Math a strong case can be made that it is in fact superior growth'. 

Even with this your child's class teacher is able to request that your child does not miss certain important lessons. For example if your child has a test, is starting new topic work, or has learning development support etc then their instrumental will be postponed.

How will your child acquire an instrument for practicing?

It is the responsibility of the parent to provide an instrument for their child to practice on at home. Music department will be able to give advice on what type of instrument to buy, how much you should expect to pay and where to buy the appropriate instrument. Some instruments are available for short term loan to help out parents in the initial stages.

How will you know how your child is progressing?

  • We encourage open communication between child, parent and the instrumental teacher.

  • Reports will be given out before the end of each term indicating every child's progress on their chosen instrument .

  • Every child is given a practice book which the teacher fills out every lesson to say what work has to be done. It is also used as a line of communication between home and your child's instrumental teacher.

The importance of practising.

For a child to progress at a reasonable rate it requires the student to practise at home every day. Learning an instrument is not easy, but with daily practice the youngest of students can progress at a very satisfying rate. This is the most important part of learning an instrument. Without practice a student will not progress.

And finally.....

  • This peripatetic music play scheme has now been running for 9 years and has gone from strength to strength. We now have over 300 music lessons taking place every week with some outstanding results.

  • This scheme is available for all students from year 1 upwards.

  • Instrumental schemes like the one we have at MES Cairo are in place at schools all around the UK and USA and have been highly successful. Students gain so much from learning to play a musical instrument and can reach high standards in a short space of time if they are committed and dedicated. It is also a great source of fun and enjoyment for the pupils.

  • We have termly concerts where pupils can perform in front of a friendly audience. A school instrumental competition is held at the end of the year.

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