Learning is a lifelong journey. The Foundation Stage (FS) programme encourages all students to become independent, confident learners while focusing on developing our youngest students as inquirers through a play-based learning environment. Our teachers in Foundation Stage embrace the role of nurturing students to become facilitators of their own learning by following their individual interests whilst also developing key skills and knowledge that will help them be successful, lifelong learners.

Our curriculum, based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework, is broad and balanced to ensure all areas of learning are developed. It utilises the skills set out in the non-statutory guidance Birth to 5 Matters and Development Matters documents, ultimately leading to achieving the end of Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals. These documents, together with our programmes of learning, ensure a smooth transition into the National Curriculum of England for Primary (Year One through to Year Six).

Ongoing assessments and observations inform teachers of areas to focus on for future planning of teaching and learning experiences and allow teachers to successfully track and monitor student attainment and progress.

When walking into our Foundation Stage classrooms, pods and outdoor areas, you will see vibrant learning areas that reflect the current topic, maintain students' interests and provoke their imaginations. A purposeful learning environment ensures that students work collaboratively, learning to express themselves and their opinions confidently, develop skills in higher order thinking and questioning, as well as ensuring that all learning is meaningful.