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Pink Day

We are proud to support the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE) again this year by fundraising through our Pink Day event, which took place on 26 October 2022. The MES Cairo family came together in the hope that many more women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive. Together, we know we can make a difference by raising awareness and by enabling more women to undergo screening and early detection. Thank you to all members of our community for so generously supporting this worthy cause.

Hat Day

It was a very special day in the history of MES Cairo! Our FS students enjoyed their very first HAT DAY! We hope they had so much fun that they will always remember to wear their hats when out in the sun. Well done, FS2 and FS1!

IBDP12 AUC visit

Our International Baccalaureate IBDP12 students were invited to visit the Library at The American University in Cairo (AUC) to carry out research for their Extended Essay. They were grateful for the opportunity to access such a wealth of resources at AUC, as a supplement to the research they are undertaking in our excellent school library.


Modern English School Cairo is not just an "Outstanding" school; it is a 'home away from home' for all who work, study and spend most of the hours of the day here learning and contributing to the lives of others. When you walk through our gates, turn the pages of our publications or browse through our social media, I hope you will sense the familial atmosphere that is evident in our daily lives. In my long years of experience, generations of students have come through these doors and graduated and grown to become young men and women of whom I am extremely proud. Many of them are now parents themselves and have entrusted us with their own children. This is the legacy which carries us through the years and which will lead us to the future. I hope you enjoy your experience with us and feel free to learn more about our ever-growing family.

Chairman of the Board