Key Stage 2 includes Years 3 to 6. During this phase, the students follow the National Curriculum of England, which helps them to develop their academic, personal, and social skills. The teaching standards of Key Stage 2 are aligned with a high-quality UK learning environment, ensuring that the children receive the best possible education. Alongside the National Curriculum, students also study the Egyptian Ministry of Education curriculum in Arabic Language, Religion, and Social Studies.

During their journey from Years 3 to 6, students develop essential life skills that help them become resilient, resourceful, and reflective learners. The school encourages students to take risks and become increasingly independent and self-confident while also developing a sense of responsibility towards the people and the world around them. The school provides opportunities for students to have a 'voice' and contribute to the school's development by engaging in roles such as Student Council representatives and Peer Mentors. In addition to regular class lessons, students also benefit from specialist lessons in Physical Education, Music, French, Art, Computing, and Arabic. These lessons are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about their subjects and committed to helping the students develop their skills and interests.

The National Curriculum objectives are regularly assessed to ensure that every student receives challenging learning appropriate to their ability level. The school provides a supportive learning environment that encourages students to grow and succeed in all areas of their education.